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Just remember there’s ONLY 1 West Coast Tasty & Delicious TS worth seeing and that’s me! (and now you can read my reviews on The Erotic Review too)

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inezpink2Now look here some bitches been stealing my pictures, ruining my good name and committing fraud on you! ( they even went as far as setting up a fake TER account with my number and email )… Karma will take care of them and I will take care of YOU!

A West Coast TSGurl who always packs her nine, with a fun attitude and my rockin body I am here to serve and please or be served and be pleased… What’s your pleasure honey?

inez1flagI love meeting cool guys who know how to treat a special woman like me. I cater to gentlemen who want the best of both world’s in one tight-delightful package.

My friends say that “I am stunning” and look exactly like my pictures but I’ll let you decide…once you get inside my world.

I  love to TOP but I am very open minded and fully functional for your pleasure and mine! ;-)

I’m down to Earth, honest and sincerely want you to have an amazing time so we can cum together again and again. I only ask that you be clean, be respectful, be nice and I promise we will have a time you’ll never forget.

I’m always Sweet, Sassy and Classy. Your time with me will be time well spent.

Call 213.281.4701 and let’s get this party started!


PS: For more info “My Vitals” page…click here

97 Responses to About TS Tasty & Delicious

  1. sean says:

    Will you be in the New Haven or Hartford.I think you are smoking hot!

    • tsdelicious says:

      Aww sorry bby, I was in Stamford for 2days, I only stop through CT. On a whim! Then had to get back to my home town fans..back in Cali

  2. TEB7in says:

    Heading to ATL on Thursday. You in town or still traveling the country?

  3. quincy says:

    This person is so dam gorgeous and so right. She is fabulous and just will have u hooked she is like a real star and u might fall in love. She is just so dam lovely and so dam fine thick and curvy and nicely dressed. She is beautiful and attitude is like no other and very classy and will have u lusting and she looks so dam good and beautiful skinned and she is just a fine as woman

  4. Big Kevin says:

    Had a great time last night! When I saw your ad last night I said to myself…oh another girl posting fake pics! Even with my initial doubt I still called and wanted to see for myself if this could be true. I’m glad I did….TASTY IS THE TRUTH! That MEAT she is packing was rock hard and stood to attention on demand. That meat was picture perfect and the taste was on point. The name TASTY couldn’t be anymore perfect. Welcome to the ATL & it’s time we had a REAL PROVIDER!!! We all know in the ATL there is only 1 or 2 real providers…I want everyone to know TSTASTY IS THE TRUTH & don’t miss out like I almost did! Oh yeah the MEAT SPIT’S that MILK we all LUV!

  5. Maurice says:

    Hey in the Savannah area..I wanna hit you up it would be my first time but I’m super nervous.I’m kinda 50/50 on it but anyway just had to say that

  6. The Elevator Boy says:

    Coming to Atlanta on Wednesday. Married, but looking for my first time. I’m staying downtown. are you around?

    • tsdelicious says:

      Oh most definitely sweetheart! Just hit me,,hopefully I’m not in Miami by then

      • The Elevator Boy says:

        are you still in town? or did you fly to Miami? This is Tony Frm Longbeach, needing my morning milk!

      • tsdelicious says:

        Bby as my site states, I’m n ATL!

      • tsdelicious says:

        Sorry Tony I am out of town right now haven’t made it to Miami yet but I’m getting close. I’m currently in Atl won’t be back till next month! Try to keep it tight till I get back.. Lol

  7. jim says:

    What’s the rates n how long u staying in McDonough?

    • tsdelicious says:

      Please never, print anything about rates on my site babe. Be a dear and call since I am on your side of town, makes more since,

  8. RS says:

    Hi Tasty. Are you planning to come to the Albany, New York area? If I’m going to get my cherry popped, I want it to be from a big-stick toting, lady like you!

  9. SmokeMeat says:

    Baby im in love with your pics wish I had you here in Va.Can we make it happen

  10. barry says:

    Remember I am a mute but I can text u I live in Atlanta georgia or u can text me 4042637944

  11. barry says:

    Remember I am a mute but I can text u I live in Atlanta georgia

  12. barry says:

    Hi my name is Barry u r so gorgeous I’m looking for a shemale to be my first top I’ve dated shemales since I was 19 I am a mute which means I can hear but I can’t talk so its hard for me to communicate

    • tsdelicious says:

      Thanks a lot Barry I appreciate The compliment, I’m currently traveling in the south and don’t know where you which state I reside on but you can call me when I’m in Your city at which time we can discuss arrangements!

  13. Mark says:

    Hello Tasty, Do you ever get up to the Portland, Oregon area, or Seattle? if you do please let me know and i will meet you with you! I have dreamed to lose my Cherry to you and taste your cream!
    Thank you Mark

    • tsdelicious says:

      Lmao darling! I am honored that you want to lose your cherry to me! I specializes in that department and look forward to popping it! So keep an eye out for me to possibly be in Seattle in the near future.

      • Mark says:

        Fantastic, I really am looking forward to meeting you! Portland is the best place to meet, and I do get up to Seattle with enough notice. thank you so much for answering and I look forward to meeting you loosing that Cherry! :)
        Take care

  14. Michael Crabtree says:

    Hi, “Damn girl” you are so hot, and im sure extremely tasty. You are what I dream about really! My name is michael, hello. Im 43 but I pass.for 35. Very lean and defined 5’10 155 white/hispanic. Good looking olive skin brown over brown. I keep it short. And the rest of me shaved. Im too nice and very sweet and very discreet. What would it take to hang out with you all night and be your sex slave . Im dying to do this and I promise to be a good boy. Im into licking, rimming (alot), oral anal, cleaning up orally, and multiple cocks if necessary or possible! Black preferred but not necessary. Please let me know! You would make my dreams come true! Sincerely, Michael

  15. Terell Jefferson says:

    Damn you are so hot want to pop this cherry I want to be hooked

  16. RS says:

    Hey beautiful! You looking quite amazing in your pictures, but I’ve heard from a fried that you are even more stunning in person. Are you ever in the Albany, NY area? I’d like to try out the 9 iron for myself!

    • tsdelicious says:

      I am definitely coming to the east coast next month so you be sure to look out for me after I leave the South;because I am currently in travel mode!

      • RS says:

        That is good to hear. I travel up and down the northeast coast frequently, so hopefully I can run into you or you run into me ;-). Do you have a calendar so I can follow your whereabouts?

      • tsdelicious says:

        Hopefully you get a chance to make my acquaintance! I up and go so fast that it’s hard to keep a traveling calendar. Knowing me it would probably constantly change..LMAO, smh

  17. alex says:

    Love wat i c n really want u 2 po my cherry n take conteoll im in pomona ca so wat can we do teach me 2 please

  18. R says:

    Will you be in the Albany, NY area anytime soon? From what I hear, you are an amazing gurl and I’d like to see for myself!

  19. Rick says:

    Hey baby i want that milk :)

  20. mike James says:

    Do ever come to Texas

  21. mike says:

    Pop my cherry only promise I won’t walk out bow legged

  22. Tony B says:

    OMG I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You shot your seed in me :) twice

  23. DULOW says:

    Your just so sexy and thick

  24. Andrew says:

    Tasty delicious, I’d love to drink you all up and devour every inch of you. How i’d like to please you in every way you so desired.

    • tsdelicious says:

      well you know what to do! So just do it!

      • mike says:

        I’m Definately going to…just didn’t wanna call or text this early ..didn’t know you were up this early like me lol..I’m Definately ready I think lol….

  25. Trevis says:

    Hey Beautiful! Do you still come over to the east coast primarily the DMV area? I would love to meet you. I live near Richmond, Va. If you do please let me know when. ;-)

  26. jerome says:

    I want it bad

  27. Rick says:

    Hey u popped my cherry a few years ago when i was real young and now i can’t stop thinking about you since then. You said ur great with first timers and just so everyone knows YOU DEFINTELY ARE! I recall i wanted it in a certain position and u said it would hurt too much that way, so u placed me in ur cherry popping position, popped away and boy did it feel great! I really love that thick big curved snicker! Wanna see u soon.

    • tsdelicious says:

      Thanks a lot for reaching out sweetheart, I look forward to seeing you again babe!

      • Rick says:

        :D Do u remember who i am?? Lol and i can’t wait to see u again either. The sooner the better of course :) u back in LA?

      • tsdelicious says:

        I’m not back in L.A. yet, and I’m not 100% sure who you are! LOL but I will see you when I get back though

  28. tash says:

    You are so sexy some to atlanta I want your

  29. jeff says:

    hey im jeff i see alot of ppl love you im in orlando, in i would love to give you a shot.

    • tsdelicious says:

      Hello Jeff,
      Sorry I hadn’t responded sooner! However, your in luck because I will be in the Florida area in April after I leave Atlanta. I will be in Orlando & Miami for the first time ever! But do not be fooled by any false girls using my pix because I have had a lot of girls in the South mostly, using my pix! BUT HOW YOU KNOW ITS REALLY ME IS I ALWAYS USE THE SAME TELEPHONE NUMBER THATS WATER MARKED ON MY PIX..213-281-4701

      • jeff says:

        cool im lookin forward in meeting and you, thanks for the respond ill give u a call. and really dont care how you look if the respond i can see that its really u

      • tsdelicious says:

        Yes it is the Original Mz TASTY! And I look forward to meeting you in person as well, until then, enjoy your day!

  30. Lookingforher says:

    A few years ago your were at a Lax hotel. I came to see you, when I got to your room your had just got off the elevator, you had to move your car. We went into your room and got busy. You were short 5/4 or 5/5 with a big cock. I sucked it real good then you laid down and I road you. While I was riding, you said I was going to make you cum. You pulled out of me, and took your condom off. Nutt start spewing out of your dick head. You came real quick… but it was fun.

  31. Lee says:

    OMFG you’re here babe, in Atlanta
    I can’t wait to get that double explosion ignited. I hope to hell you’ll be in Atlanta next week. I’m in Detroit with my kids this weekend but getting back in Atlanta on Tuesday the 2nd. Lets plan on hooking up that evening. Ok? How many roses will it take to let me smell and taystee. Where will I find you love
    I can’t fuckin wait to cum back to Hotlanta.
    Lee baby

    • tsdelicious says:

      Baby I do not know were you saw that I was in Atlanta because I haven’t been there! Ironically I will be in Atlanta in April, I get a lot of false fake bitches using my pix all over the world. I thought that by water marking them, girls wouldn’t use them, but they sometimes do steal them and post them with my number water marked on them and all, SMFH…If my telephone number is anything other than 213-281-4701, ITS NOT ME! I NEVER CHANGE MY NUMBER THATS marked ON THE PHOTO’S EVER! Had the same number for 10years..LOL!

  32. Anthony says:

    Hi beautiful…are u ever going to be in the Memphis area anytime soon…I am look for my 1st time and would love for it to be with someone as beautiful and sexy as yourself…Hope to see u in Memphis!

    • tsdelicious says:

      Its a strong possibility that I may be near Memphis in the next couple of months because I am going to be touring in the south! Stay tuned because I can’t give a definitive date as of yet! But please don’t be fooled if some girl use my pix down that way a lot of girls try to use my pix! If you ever see a number different than the one slashed all over my site; then don’t trust it! My 213-281-4701 number will never change, and I never use any other numbers so that people knows that its really me..

  33. deccy says:

    Wow hun you are truely stunning you have the sexiest ass hope you will let me know if your ever coming to england want you so bad pics on request xx

    • tsdelicious says:

      Never been to England sweetheart but certainly have had several desires to come that way! Nothing planned right now, but you never know…Perhaps if you make it inviting enough. it will be sooner, rather than later LOL!

  34. tony says:

    I like to. See u but yiu never pick. up or sometimes . R u around Monday in the oc

  35. Thomas says:

    You ever come to Houston let me know

    • tsdelicious says:

      That could be a possibility, however, I do not trust just any1 to have control over my photo’s because I do not want any breaches in pic security! I get a lot of people hijacking my photo’s even with my number marked all over them,,SMFH,,perhaps I may get to meet you and evaluate you and see if I trust you. No Offense

  36. Jay says:

    Do you ever come the DMV (DC,Maryland,VA) area

    • tsdelicious says:

      I totally love D.C and yes I will be making it back that way soon! I’ve been there several times and they LOVE me in chocolate city. Its been a while since I’ve been there.

  37. Erik says:

    I would really like to meet and learn to swallow and also feel your tongue boring into the tip of the head of my stiff cock while I cum.

  38. dwayne says:

    I would suck the nut out of that dick

  39. Lee says:

    tasty, when will you be in Atlanta? OMG baby we could hit high C’s all night! Time after time.
    I’m a white widower, TS experienced , most say good looking and mature, but have never found my dream cream ;). I’m a measured. 7″x7.5″ and with the right encouragement can lead the charge for a couple of hours. I’d really like to find a good lookin hot 12×8. That would really blow my mind. I really love a hot slippery double explosion so we could mix vanilla and chocolate cream. A real cream brule that we could both taste together. Just the thought of us together has created an engorged problem I need to take care of baby, I’m sure you will understand. Chio! Tasty! Hit me when you can

    • tsdelicious says:

      Hey sweetie you should be looking for me soon in Atlanta, im going to visit a girlfriend of mine for a few days in July!

  40. Greg says:

    hey gorgeous, by far the best experience,when will you be coming back to chicago. please

    • tsdelicious says:

      Thank you darling, I will actually be planning something soon for Chi-Town, do keep a look out for me soon I will definitely be cummin there.

  41. Greg says:

    you were my best experiene, you were delicious, you need to take a roadtrip to chicago again.

  42. Daley says:

    Been sloping and choking on that thick cock for over three years now…and love pounding that phat ass bubble butt to bust my load.

  43. jon archambo says:

    hey sexy I have been with you 2 times and you are so awesome!!!!! im up here in lancaster baby!!!!!

    • tsdelicious says:

      HEY BBY, I know who this is, I took your virginity! I have’nt been up that way in a while perhaps one day soon I will, Thanks for the Luv boo!

  44. Malik says:

    Hey there, I love your pics. I’m a lawyer living in LA (culver city) & would love to get together soon!

    Hopefully, this weekend if possible.

  45. Nick says:

    I am a first timer. Will I be sore when done? Able to go right back to my job immediately?

    • tsdelicious says:

      You will be just fine sweetie, I specialize in popping cherries, therefor u will be hooked! LOL dont talk about it be about it bby!

  46. kevin says:

    hello sexy!
    im keven we have met befor….
    i dream about it all the time!
    omg you are so fucking hot!!!!
    i want to hook up again.
    im up @ 3am eat lunch around 11.am i would love to have you for lunch again!?!

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